Tuesday, May 29, 2012

9 months

On May 21 Gracie turned 9 months. {We also celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary!} I love 9 months, I love her chubby little hands, feet and cheeks. She is so kissable, squeezable and cuddly. At 9 months Grace has  4 teeth, 2 on top and 2 on the bottom. She is not crawling yet but she sure gets around scooting on the hardwood floors. She loves to say, "Hi Dada!" and "Mama" We discovered the other day that she LOVES meat, this girl will not be a vegetarian:) Grace and Preston are starting to interact a little bit more, I think he's finding her fun to entertain and she always laughs at his antics. She is always up for a walk to the park and a ride on the swing. She loves animals, everytime she sees one she giggles and tries to reach out and touch them. She is such a blessing and a joy!

I don't have her 9 month stats-I completely forgot about her well child check last week-oops! I will have to post those later.

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