Monday, May 14, 2012

an update

Well hello, life has been a little busy lately and I've neglected my little blog. Here is what we've been up to and why we've been so busy!

In April I participated in the Salvaged For Good show.  It took quite a few nights getting everything ready. Dave made pallet shelves and I salvaged a few pieces of furniture and in the process discovered that I actually liked it! Now I am always on the lookout for cheap and cute pieces of furniture that need some TLC. The show was a huge success and I am looking forward to next year.

This Saturday I did another show called Sweet Things Tag Sale. It was kind of last minute, but it was also fun! I love looking at the things that other people create, there were some amazing things! I wish I had taken pictures.

Other than shows and parenting we've been out enjoying the sun and getting our yard ready for spring and summer. Because of where we put the chickens Dave had to dig a new garden area, which he just finished last night.  Two of the hens laid eggs yesterday, it was so exciting! They weren't edible though-I guess chickens have to 'practice' so to speak and it's normal for the first few eggs to be really small and weird. They have been really fun and we enjoy them a lot! They have a lot of personality!

We celebrated Daves 35th birthday Saturday. We spent some time at Manito Park and then had a BBQ dinner of steak and crab.  This is what Preston had to say about Dave:

"I love my dad because of how he looks, handsome and pretty and as tall as the ceiling. I love that he was born and what he looks like, short hair, tanned, big and tall and big feet. Daddy is so kind because he gets me bug juice and he gives to me and mommy and everyone."

When I asked Preston how old he thought Dave was he replied.

"Twenty-hundred." :)

And then of course yesterday was Mothers Day, we celebrated over at the Weavers and had a yummy lunch while the kids played outside-it was a perfect day!

Here are some pictures of life lately:

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  1. You have such a cute family!! Grace is getting so big. Hope all is going well, it sounds like it.


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