Saturday, January 19, 2013

These days....

Grace and Preston have changed so much since I've last written.  Grace had just turned one and now she's almost 18months! Holidays and birthdays have come and gone. We are smack dab in the middle of winter and I am beginning to feel the longing for Summer starting to creep in. We are all feeling a little cramped in our 'cozy' house these days.  The kids are so active. Grace is just a little tornado! She is such a climber. She climbs on absolutely everything! Preston never did that, he was always content to play quietly by himself. It's not an unusual occurence to walk into a room and see Grace standing on the table or stuck on the top of a stool because she can't get down. She also puts EVERYTHING in her mouth. We have to watch her like a hawk! She's a busy girl, that one! Preston loves his sister. It is evident every day, but there are times when he gets frustrated with her. She'll put his superhero figures in the toilet or chew on things. He's completely grossed out by slobber:) She's not allowed in his room at all-unless by special invite by him. This last week he's gone from calling her GRACE TAYLOR when she does something deemed unacceptable by his standards to TAYLOR! (TAYLOR get out of my room!) I wonder how long that will stick. Taylor is a cute name so I don't mind.
Preston has been making huge strides these days. This last year has been kind of rough. I won't go into all the details but last week he went to Sunday School and did well! Then last Thursday he went to gymnastics and did fabulous also. We are so proud of our boy for overcoming his fears. He did something he was afraid to do, and it was a good feeling and great accomplishment!
I really miss writing down all the presont-isms and I'm sure in no time I will have plenty of Grace-isms. I thought I would keep track of them all in my journals but that's just not happening so I want to make time to blog.
Yesterday Preston told me. honey (yes, he still calls me honey.) I have something important to tell you. I kept shushing him because Dave and I were talking. Finally he yells from his bedroom. "Honey, I have something important to tell you! My friends make fun of you!" What?!?! Silly guy.
Preston is loving reading these days. He can't get enough. Recently We've read the first 2 books in the Chronicles of Narnia and are on the 3rd one. It's pretty slow and boring so we're taking a break and reading the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-Charlie and the Glass elevator. We've also finished the first 2 books of the Indian in the Cupboard series. I love that he loves books! I know these will be such fond memories in the making. He insists on reading 'Grown up' books which are chapter books. We also (Preston and I) love listening to audio books. Did you know you can access audio books from the library? If you have a smart phone you can download them right to your phone, it's awesome!
Well....that's all for now. It's a start, right? Maybe next time I will post some pictures.

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