Thursday, September 6, 2012

I never posted Graces 1 year stats because her 1 year check up wasn't until this week, so here goes:

Grace is 24.5" long (or tall) which puts her in the 54%
She is tipping the scales at 20 pounds and 11ounces putting her in the 59%

She has 5...almost 6 teeth.  She isn't walking yet, and I don't think she is close either, which is okay with me:) She stands on her own and is quite proud of herself. Whenever Preston sees her do this he stops what he's doing and yells, "everybody clap for Grace!"
She's talking quite a bit, Mama, Dada, Te-ton, Pippa, Was-tat (what's that) who-dat (whos that).
She loves looking at our family photos hanging on the wall and saying who-dat.
Her favorite song is itsy bitsy spider.
She likes to play cars and makes the vroom vroom sound. She also likes to play with animals and has mastered the art of growling (thank you Preston!)
Her favorite food is cheese.
She has recently figured out how to climb.
She loves, loves, loves balloons!
Every time we get her out of her crib she has to give us something..a blanket, toy whatever she has and she says, "here go"
Speaking of crib, she sleeps wonderfully! She takes either 2 naps or 1 long nap and she sleeps all through the night. She is such an easy baby!

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