Thursday, August 23, 2012

Grace turns one!

Tuesday we celebrated our little Grace turning one year old! I can't believe it's been a whole year-it seems like yesterday that she arrived.  At certain times throughout the day I was very aware just what was happening one year ago. Dave and I would describe our time in the hospital just the three of us as a sweet, sweet time. Getting to know our little Grace those first few days was so special.
{one of the big things that made it so special was the staff and our hospital experience and the fact that I felt SOOO good!}

The celebrations started with a card from the neighbors, and a present of cheeese-Gracies all time favorite food!

As you can see, she enjoyed it very much and was very thankful!

What's that sparkling in her ear? An earring of course! Grace got her ears pierced for her birthday! She did great-she was more upset about having to hold still and getting her ears wiped with an alcohol swab. She cried for maybe 30 seconds, if that and then forgot about it. I've wanted to get her ears pierced since she was born but Dave has always been against it, he surprised me saying she could get it done-later he said, I hate to admit it, but she looks so, so pretty with her earrings! It's true she does:)

Whats a birthday without a crown?

Here's the birthday girl adjusting her crown.

Her cake was a 3 tiered strawberry cake with homemade strawberry jam for the filling and vanilla buttercream frosting-with sprinkles and animal cookies too! We were all on a sugar high!

Mesmerized by the candle

We celebrated by having our good friends the Otts over. We barbecued hamburgers and had a great time! Nanna and some cousins stopped by too!

Happy birthday Goosie! We love you!

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  1. How fun! What a nice cake! It looks very yummy! Looks like Grace liked it too! :)


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