Sunday, March 31, 2013


I Love my Goosie Goose-she is loving all this sunshine and playing outside. 

Mamma and Grace wearing our shades-bring on the sun!

A rare moment, when he lets her kiss him. She is so in love with her brother or bru-bu as she calls him. I think he is realizing how much she loves him and he kind of likes being adored by her. So he lets her snuggle with him more, he'll stroke her hair as she lays by him it's so sweet.

We went to Northwest Seed & Pet. We love looking at the animals!

Daddy time, is the best time of the day!


We went to the park with our friends this week-I anticipate doing this a lot more! I hope the weather stays nice and we don't get a string of weeks where it rains, but it is Spring so it wouldn't be surprising!

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