Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy Grace-19 months

Oh sweet Grace. Sweet, sweet little tornado Grace.  You were a busy girl today, well everyday really.  I left you for a minute or two. I didn't even leave you alone, I was just uploading some pictures onto Facebook about 20 feet away and you were buckled in your chair-you still managed to get to the container of markers color on yourself and the table and your shirt, eat/lick the watercolor paints, and I also found chewed up yellow crayon in your mouth and I was wiping the paint off your tongue.  When I looked at you you were licking the paints, which is why your mouth  is so colorful, hopefully they're non-toxic. I don't imagine you're the only little one out there who has licked paints.  I'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that you are going to be an artist! You obviously have a creative side. ;) Not five minutes later I found you eating glue. I'm obviously not going to win any mother of the year awards! This is just an average day with Grace.

If you were a fly on our wall you would also hear us say things like:

  • Grace get off the table!
  • Grace NO MOUTH!! (this is probably the most common)
  • Grace we don't put things in our nose!
  • Grace, we also don't put things in our ears!
  • Grace, don't chase the cat, leave the cat alone Grace!
  • Grace don't hit the dog!
  • No bathroom Grace!
  • Grace I said no bathroom, Grace, get out of the toilet! Followed by...Who left the toilet seat open! 
  • Grace, no stool, you can't climb on the stool.
  • Grace get off the coffee table!

Grace, where are your babies? Don't you want to play babies?

I feel like she's the girl version of the 'No David' books! As busy as she is, we love our Grace!

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