Monday, March 25, 2013

The other day when I was driving I caught the first few minutes of a radio program. They started off the segment asking, "What recurrent themes do you notice in your life?" I thought that was a good question that deserved some reflection.  I can't find the original radio program, I think it was on Midday Connection? I think for me it would have to be that God keeps telling me through sets of circumstances to trust Him. To trust that He is in control of my life. That everything that happens to me (us) has first been filtered through His fingers. Things don't happen that He has no allowed. And most importantly that things happen for a reason. Nothing is a fluke or a mistake. Soli Deo Gloria. To God alone be the glory! God will use our circumstances to bring glory to His name. Why should I trust Him? Because He is so faithful, He has been nothing but faithful to me! As a result when something happens, like my husband doesn't have a job anymore, or when our housing fell through when we first moved here and I was 6 months pregnant, when I miscarried the first, second and third time....I can look back at all of the examples and know it will be OK.  I'm not saying that I never worry, but a lot of times I don't because God can see what I can't-the end result and I know that I can trust Him.

I write this hoping that one day my kids will read it-I want this to be my legacy that I leave them. I want them to be encouraged by the many examples that God has proven trustworthy in their mama and daddys life, over and over and over again. I want them to know how God is faithful in all things. From the story of how we came to live in our first house to how God has walked me through hard times.  I want them to know that Jesus is real and that He loves them and that He doesn't tire of forgiving us, even if we make the same mistake over and over and over again.'s also a good reminder for me too;)

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