Saturday, June 22, 2013


Well, it is officially Summer. You would never know it though by all the rain we got this week.  The kids and I enjoyed this rainy week though. We were all sick with colds so we stayed inside all week and watched movies, read books and did a lot of cuddling.

The big highlight of the week is that Preston is officially registered for Kindergarten. I can't believe my little baby boy is 5. I remember when he was just a little babe and seeing my sisters boys and thinking how far off it would be before this tiny little boy would be as big as they. We are homeschooling, but he will also do a enrichment classes at a local school 2 days a week.  While Dave was laid off this Spring we looked at all of our options trying to find the best fit for our family. It was a hard decision because what it boils down to is that Spokane has amazing programs for homeschooling families! There are so many options it was a little overwhelming, we had to find the best fit for Preston for this year from a handful of wonderful programs.

Speaking of growing up, my Grace continues to do just that! It seems one day she decided she didn't want to sleep in her crib, she didn't want to drink from a cup with a lid--she wants to do all the things her big brother does. I looked at Dave one night and asked, "When did all this happen, when did she decided to be such a big girl?" So the crib came down and some bunk beds went up. (She still has to use a sippy cup, much to her dismay.) The kids LOVE the bunkbeds! I was lucky enough to find them at a thrift store on half off day!

This past week marked Daves 3rd week back at work since he's been laid off for the past 7 months. Big sigh of relief, phew. It couldn't have come at a better time as he just received his last unemployment check the week before he went back! Hooray for Gods perfect timing!

Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks. Preston rarely poses for the camera so there are a lot of Grace, who loves to get her picture taken!

He makes the BEST boquets, seriously!

Rainy days are best spent at the library! :)

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