Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why preston has such a good dad.

{preston & dave like to make funny faces}
{more funny faces!}

{they LOVE to ride the 4-wheeler! Preston will yell, "faster, faster!}

{and they LOVE rocks!}

{they both have rock collections, preston calls it playing rocks.}

Can I just brag for a moment about what a good dad Dave is? Preston is at an age where he wants to be just like daddy. Everyday Dave takes a little cooler to work for his lunchbox. Well, recently Preston found an old cooler/lunchbox in the basement, which he gets every morning so he can go to work just like daddy. At random times throughout the day Preston grabs his lunchbox and comes and finds me to tell me he is going to go to work. He will take his lunchbox and go outside and just stand there. Last night when I came home from running errands I got to hear all about how Preston and Daddy "went to work" while I was gone. This is what they did. They sat in the KIA, apparently Preston drove while daddy took a nap;) Then they "fixed" Prestons guitar with tools and green painters tape. They also "fixed" his little people garage, also with green painters tape. There were tools on the floor...a hammer, a chisel, pliers, screwdrivers...

Preston is so blessed to have a dad that loves him so much, a dad who spends time with him, not because he has to, but because he wants to.

Thanks Dave for being such a great dad!

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